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Tongue Stud Revolution Pack - Steel Accessories

Tongue Stud Revolution Pack - Steel Accessories

Category: Products » Body Jewellery

This pack of goodies is really a steal - or should that be steel? With the Tongue Stud Revolution Steel Accessories pack you get not only a tongue bar but a cool collection of shiny steel accessories that will supercharge your style overnight.

It’s a body jewellery revolution! These great packs are wonderful value and give you a superb selection of studs so that you can create a new look whenever you want. Each pack offers accessories for different piercings including eyebrow, nipple, septum & many different ear piercings. Steel jewellery has never had it so good!

  • Made & Set in UK by Karma Se7en
  • 1 x Clear Cluster Ball, 1 x Clear Jewel Ball, 1 x Steel Star, 1 x Steel Heart, 1 x Steel Dice.
  • Unique Jewellery
  • Ideal as a Gift

Price: £8.99
Our Price: £6.74 (25% discount!)


  • Product Code: K7-RPT-06
  • Dimensions: x 0.2cm (0.1") L
  • Weight: 5 g
  • Type: Body Jewellery