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Black Titanium Coated Threaded Cone

Black Titanium Coated Threaded Cone

Category: Products » Body Jewellery, Labret Studs

Be in the black with the titanium coated black cone accessory! You’ll appreciate the quality and shine of this fantastic add on, and how well it complements your look. Every body piercing fan should have one of these in their collection!

Titanium Coated Cones come in bright metallic colours at very affordable prices. Coated in anodized titanium, these Surgical Steel Cones shine with bright metallic hue. Coloured Cones always look stunning on Eyebrow bars, Lip & Labret Studs and on Barbels and Circular Barbells in Tragus, Rook and Earlobe Piercings. Supercharge your style today!

  • 5x5mm Cone
  • 1.6mm Gauge
  • Black Titanium Coating

Price: £0.99


  • Product Code: K87
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 3 g
  • Metal: Titanium
  • Finish: Polished
  • Persons: Ladies', Men's
  • Type: Body Jewellery, Labret Studs